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020 8997 3788

We offer online and telephone booking for standard appointments

Bookings for any procedure including operations can only be made by telephone on 020 8997 3788

It is not possible to book appointments by email

If you are unable to attend an appointment on time, please call us to make another booking




You may book most of our available appointments online, provided we have your email address and have confirmed your registration with our clinic.


If you have not yet registered with our clinic, click here or call 020 8997 3788:




New users select "New to online booking?":




If you would like to book an appointment for an emergency, admission for a procedure or euthanasia, please call us on 020 8997 3788; it is not possible to book these appointments online.


If you have any problem with online booking, please call us on 020 8997 3788 during shop opening hours.





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