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Cat vaccination further information:

We vaccinate kittens and cats to protect them against serious and potentially fatal diseases.

Any vaccination we advise is based on careful assessment of your cat’s specific needs and after discussing these with you.

We review this annually because we only want to give what is necessary during your cat’s lifetime.


We are using the only non-adjuvanted vaccines in the UK¹ and have made this choice because it is thought that inflammation related to giving cats injections may, in rare cases, lead to formation of a tumour in that area. While the adjuvant in other vaccines has not been proven to cause the problem, we have decided that trying to minimise inflammation is the best policy to have.


The Feline Leukaemia Virus vaccine we use has dead leukaemia virus with canary pox technology to give a broad protective immune response.


The Calicivirus (a “cat flu” virus) vaccine we use contains two strains from as recently as 2005, for broad and up-to-date protection.


Our free 30 minutes kitten check or well-pet* check is the best opportunity to discuss your kitten's or cat’s needs and make an individual preventative heath plan, including appropriate vaccination.


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¹In the event of this vaccine being unavailable in the UK, we shall use an adjuvanted vaccine.

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* well-pet means you have no concern about your pet's health - otherwise our consultation fee applies